Stef van der Bijl was born in 1981 in Deventer, the Netherlands. With an artistic mother and a father working in the automobile industry, Stef got inspired at a young age by art and cars. He started drawing and playing with Lego before he could walk. After the studies Art Academy, Photography and Small Business, Stef started working at the renowned gallery of the Dutch Label Droog Design. Inspired by industrial antique and Dutch Design, Stef launched his own design initiative in re-using existing materials: VanderBijl design & interior.


  • Lighting Collection: Reinventing Dutch Heritage 

  • Time Traveller’s Watches ©

  • Philips Street lanterns ©

Works on Display

Sword of the Sea

Oil on canvas
Carved and gilt wooden frame
Unique piece

Brass Baby Searchlight

Collection : Reinventing Dutch Heritagel
The Brass baby searchlight has been made from a watertap, a chandelier, a fire extinguisher nossle, a brass spring, a lampfoot, and a copper searchlight, all found on the Amsterdam Schrapyards.
Unique piece

Time Traveller's Watch XXL Compur No. 11/100

Artist : Stef van der Bijl
Time Travellers Watch Collection
Vintage camera lens from 1920, redesigned as a watch

Fokker F50 Wingflap Leather Desk

These breaking flaps are coming from a Dutch Fokker F50 aircraft. These breaking flaps are made from such a thin aluminum, that is was not possible to polish the skin, VanderBijl covered the top desk in a high quality cow leather and invented a construction that gives enough space for your feet and is inspired of the aircraft constructions from the brothers Wright.
ca. 150 L x 80 W x 75 H cm

The Incubator

The incubator has been made from a Ostrich Egg with a small G4 LED lamp inside. The frame has been made from an antique chandelier and letters from a bank sign. All found on Amsterdam scrapyards. 
36 L x 22 W x 47 H cm
Unique piece

Hoboken Train Station Spot

Polished aluminum train station spot, placed on industrial polished aluminum tripod. This train station lamp comes from the formal Belgium station ‘Hoboken’.
900 L x 900 W x 160-240 H cm
Unique piece

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